Name: Kat

 Age: 27

 Pronouns: she/her

 Likes: pinball, 19th century shipwrecks

 Dislikes: the corporatization of the internet

 Discord:@geekula 725439995271315467

         Email me at

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I've been going by GEEKULA online for over a decade and use it for most platforms. I lifted the name from a song by the band KREEPS

You can also catch me around the internet going by BEATNIKGHOST, CHERRYVANILLACULT, or sometimes even MARTIANGIRL.

My former usernames from the old days are PATHEH, MEETSAPIZZA and GLAZEDMCGUFFINS.
I love ART but I'm not very good at it. I've dabbled in many, many, mediums from watercolors, sculpture, doll making, sewing, digital art, animation, 3D modeling. Given enough time I can produce a fairly competent result in any of these mediums but alas I am a Jack of All Trades Master of None.

My favorite band is PIXIES. I love HORROR media. I'm obsessed with the RESIDENT EVIL game series. I love classic ADVENTURE GAMES, EXPLOITATION FILMS, and accounts of 19TH CENTURY SHIPWRECKS.

I have a degree in ENGLISH with a focus in 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN LITERATURE and FILM STUDIES. And I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE.