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June 6th, 2024

Let’s talk about something bordering on pointless. Tissues!

I bought these tissues from W0nkk0

I also got a Sailor Moon tissue holder that I intend to use at my desk at work but very gently. I think I've posted on here about how much I loooove their art but the stationary and cards they sell are sooo great as well. I've bought two junk journals from them and I'm just so over the moon about them.

Anyway, back to the tissues. I just adore the art on the St. Tail tissues. The black lines and solid colors are so appealing to me.

I don't know a whole lot about St. Tail except there's some dissatisfaction with the english translations of the manga and anime (likely a symptom of it's age). It's a been a very long time since I've partaken in anime or manga (outside of Junji Ito and Satoshi Kon). I'd like to dip my toes back in but only with anime and manga properties that produce some kind of nostalgia for me.The stuff I was into as a kid wasn't exactly popular and did not interest the anime kids at my school in the slightest. So, I would want to approach from a purely self indulgent point of view. Though I am worried that I’ll revisit a series I used to love and find some really pervy content that I just didn’t notice before.

While I haven’t partaken in anime or manga much in the past 12 years I have made an effort to indulge in J-horror and just Japanese cinema in general. I took a few world cinema classes in my last years of undergrad (trying to finish that film minor) and I absolutely loved them. There’s nothing I love more than cultural history and film analysis. World cinema classes give you a history lesson and a film lesson at the same time. I’ve been making an effort to watch more foreign cinema on my own time. J-horror was an area I wanted to explore more thoroughly (I love horror) and found that there are sensibilities about Japanese horror films (like pacing and story progression) that align with my own tastes. The English major in me also pushed me to read a few Japanese horror novels like Audition and Parasite Eve (which I’ve always wanted to read since I'm a huge fan of the game). Those are also areas I’d like to explore more thoroughly.

If anyone read to the end of this and has any recommendations for nostalgic anime or J-horror films, or just films in general pop em in the chat or DM me on Discord. I’ve been thinking about Kon films, especially Perfect Blue so if there’s anything out there with similar vibes I’d be very interested.