Current Wishlist:

Dolls: First Wave Campus Stroll Operetta, First Wave Campus Stroll Rochelle, 13 Wishes Twlya, Getting Ghostly/Haunted Spectra, Rochelle, Porter Geist, and Anti-Styling Head blue or green skin (condition does not matter!).

Parts/Accessories: Getting Ghostly/Haunted Twyla headband/bow.

If you're looking to sell any of the above (for a resonable price) e-mail me at GEEKULA@CHEERFUL.COM or DM on Discord at @geekula 725439995271315467.

my Monster High collection


Dead Tired Cleo de NileDead Tired Ghoulia YelpsDead Tired Abbey BominableDead Tired Draculara Powder Room Draculara
Getting Ghostly Vandala DoubloonsGetting Ghostly River StyxxGetting Ghostly Kiyomi HaunterlyGetting Ghostly ClawdeenGetting Ghostly Twyla Getting Ghostly Draculara
Shriek Wrecked DracularaShriek Wrecked Rochelle GoyleShriek Wrecked Lagoona Blue
City Ghouls Elle EedeeBoo York Boo York Elle Eedee  Boo York Boo York Mousecedes King
Headmistress BloodgoodCasta FierceFrightfully Tall Frankie Stein
Skull Shores Frankie SteinSwim Class DracularaDance Class Operetta
Exchange Program Lorna McNessiePower Ghouls Spectra "Polterghoul" Vondergeist
Scaris City of Frights Skelelita CalaverasI ♥ Fashion Iris ClopsI ♥ Fashion Scarah Screams
Scarnival DracularaWelcome to Monster High Abbey BomniableBoorignal Creepreduction Lagoona Blue

Generation 3 Draculara Generation 3 Ghoulia Yelps

Other G3 dolls I own (pictures forthcoming):
Core Abbey Bominable
Core Clawd Wolf
Monster Ball Draculara
Neon Frights Twyla Boogeyman
Neon Frights Toralei
Scare-adise Island Frankie Stein
Coffin Bean Frankie and Deuce 2-Pack