ROBBIE THE RABBIT is an anthropomorphic rabbit character that has made appearances in the SILENT HILL horror franchise. He is the mascot of the fictional LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK.

Robbie was the OG MASCOT HORROR. In the world of SILENT HILL he is a merchandised character often appearing as plushies or dolls. Robbie was created by USAGI TANAKA.

Robbie may appear in a variety of colors such as blue, white, green, yellow, or purple but his default and most common form is of a grinning pink rabbit.

Not much is known about Robbie himself as his only purpose in the games he appears in is to unsettle and frighten the player.

The first time I encountered Robbie was on TEKTEK.ORG the iconic GAIA ONLINE fansite.THIS custom profile made by user HIKARI KITKIT was my first glimpse of the iconic rabbit. Indeed, Robbie was catnip to the edgey tweens and teens of the 2000s who pinned his image on their MYSPACE pages and GAIA profiles.

Big thanks to the SILENT HILL WIKI for being such a great source.

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