SILENT HILL 3 (2003) was Robbie's first appearance. He is present from the start of the game in the otherworld LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK. He first appears as a mascot costume. Many of these costumes can be found around the park. It is unknown if there is anyone or anything inside the suits or if Robbie if is simply an entity in and of himself. Dolls and images of Robbie can be found throughout the park. A document can be found which names Robbie as one of 4 mascots of the park the others are; Kathy the Kitty, Huey the Horse, and Dawn the Duck.

A Robbie t-shirt can be unlocked for HEATHER by entering the password BlueRobbieWin on the main menu.

Robbie also appears as the PS2 memory card icon for the game.

  SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM (2004) is Robbie's second appearance. He appears as a doll belonging to EILEEN GALVIN. He can be seen sitting on her bed. He will occasionally change positions and be seen moving on his own. The ghostly silhouette of MIRIAM LOCANE also can be seen holding a Robbie doll.

CYNTHIA VELASQUEZ has a Robbie tattoo on her right buttcheek. This is only visible when she is wearing her alternate costume. This goes to suggest that Robbie is a character popular with girls and women.

SILENT HILL: THE ARCADE (2007) is Robbie’s third official appearance. He appears in groups and attacks the player at Lakeside Amusement Park. Noticeably, these Robbies do not have bloodied mouths. The SILENT HILL WIKI suggests that because Arcade takes place before SH3 the events of Arcade are why Robbie’s mouth is bloodied in subsequent appearances.

Robbie can be seen in the game’s UFO ENDING enjoying a game of Gradius.

After the release of ARCADE comes what many believe is the downfall (or should I say downpour) of the series. The removal and Team Silent and the outsourcing of the seires to American studios produced some poorly received games.

Robbie's appearances become less frequent and less substantial. I don't want to go into details about these appearances-- so I won't!

SILENT HILL: THE ESCAPE (2007) App game in which Robbie appears as a tutorial guide.

SILENT HILL: HOMECOMING (2008) Somewhat substantial appearance as he is invovled in 2 puzzles. But I don't find it interesting or fun.

SILENT HILL: THE ESCAPE (2007) App game in which Robbie appears as a tutorial guide.

SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR (2012) Robbie appears as a collectible trinket.

SILENT HILL: BOOK OF MEMORIES (2012) Robbie appears in the intro of the game as a doll. The player can use the Konami Code at the main menu to unlock a weapon called the Robbie Doll.

In 2012 Robbie appeared in the film SILENT HILL REVELATION the sequel to the 2006 SILENT HILL film. Robbie appears throughout the film as a doll and at one point as a small mascot costume. His appearance looks a little off.

We all know about the infamously cancelled SILENT HILLS that was set to star NORMAN REEDUS and be directed by HIDEO KOJIMA and GUILLERMO DEL TORO. On July 26th 2021 Reedus posted THIS VIDEO (epilepsy/flashing warning) of him and Robbie the Rabbit.

As of late 2023 we do not know if this video means Robbie would have appeared in Silent Hills, will appear in a future SH game alongside Reedus, or if Norman is just a fan of the rabbit and wanted to create rumors. Some seem to think this means Silent Hills is back in production. I for one am far too cynical about the state of KONAMI to hop on that train.

Other Appearances

Robbie has also appeared in a number of games outside of the SH franchise. I am currently working to source screenshots of all of these apperances though there are number unobtainable through my own gameplay such as THE★BiISHIBASHI (arcade game released only in Japan). For those I must rely heavily on outside sources. Screenshots and info forthcoming.

Do you have a good screencap of Robbie in a non-Silent Hill game? Have you spotted him in another game not listed here?
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Robbie appears in the following games!