A snapshot of my Robbie collection.

This is a brief overview of some of the existing Robbie the Rabbit merchandise.

ROBBIE THE RABBIT NENDOROID by GoodSmile - pink and blue

These guys are flocked! They each come with bloodied and non-bloodied face plates/overalls, and two weapons each. I own both color ways and love them both!

ROBBIE THE RABBIT FIGURES by Gecco - all colors

Theses guys are also flocked! 4 points of articulation and each comes with their own weapon. Also produced was a stretcher for the Robbies to be pushed around on. These guys are no longer in production and can only be picked up second-hand. Knock offs are easy to find but there is a noticable dip in quailty.

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT X SILENT HILL: ROBBIE THE RABBIT 1:6 STATUE by Sideshow and Gecco - pink, blue, yellow, green
These statues are based of Robbie's apperance in Dead in Daylight. They are flocked statues - only articulation is in the head. Each come with interchangable weapons. These guys are lovely but are no longer in production.


Remember those stuffed bears you could draw on with markers that would be erased in the wash? This is the Robbie version. The plushie comes with 2 markers so that you can apply the "blood" to Robbie as you please!

This plushie is avaliable to purchase on the FanGamer website as of 12/13/2023.

SILENT HILL PLUSH "ROBBIE" by After the Credits - pink, blue

This plushie was produced by After the Credits and was briefly sold through the Offical Konami Shop website. It comes in pink and blue and each has a sound varient. Robbies with sound play 1 of 2 laughing voice clips when squeezed.

The plushes are marked as "OUT OF STOCK" on the Konami website but can still be purchased on the After the Credits website (along with a very adorable Pryamid Head). Unfortunately, they appear to be based in Germany and items can only be purchased in euros. Shipping to other countries appears to be rather pricey.


Robbie makeup palette released as part of Vampyre Cosmetics Silent Hill collection. The image of Robbie used appears to be the Dead by Daylight Robbie statue (?). Palette has images from Silent Hill 3 on the inside and SH3 inspired color names.