Hi there! I'm GEEKULA and this is my HOMEPAGE. This site is a personal project born out of nostaglia for the OLD WEB and a desire to escape from the evil grip of SOCIAL MEDIA.

This website is held togeather with glue, tape, and the basic coding knowledge I developed on NEOPETS.COM and FREEWEBS.COM as a child.



5/23/2024- No more splash page/entrance page RIP. I also think I've managed to make the layout responsive but the margins still need tweaking. I'm also working on cleaning up redundancies in my coding and making things clean(er).

5/13/2024- A few functions have broken on the site- namely the hit counter. Currently working on fixing/replacing them.

5/8/2024- Added a Media Reviews page because I needed another space to share my bad opinions and thoughts.

4/9/2024- Added the DOODLE BOOKS page and the Games Diary is now just a general blog.

2/25/2024- WEBRINGS UPDATES!!!!!!!

1/18/2024- Fixed an issue with the Game Diary where the "show most recent entry" link lead to my test page and not the actual entry.

1/14/2024- I reworked my video game diary page so it's easier for me to update. I removed the fake ads section at the bottom of this layout and lengthed the main content box- it just wasn't working.

1/11/2024- Added some new buttons to the friends page! Also making small changes to the shrines.

1/5/2024- Went in and cleaned up my Nancy Drew website and added it back to the e-shrines page.

1/4/2024- I started a video game diary page. Now I can put my poorly written thoughts on a dedicated webpage.

1/3/2024- Two entries for today- making lots of small changes.

1/3/2024- Made some sparkle gifs because you can never have enough sparkles. Feel free to save, use, edit, do anything you want with them.

1/2/2024- New year, new site log. Old entries have been moved to an archive page.


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