12/18/23- Added some new dolls to the goodies page! Toying with the idea of scraping the "enter" splash page.

12/12/23- I have tentatively "finished" the Robbie the Rabbit shrine! I still want to update it with pictures of my collection but every page has content now!

10/8/23- I'm working on a new e-shrine that I'm very happy with so far! Check it out on my e-shrines page!

10/30/2023- Screwing around. Made some little Robbie the Rabbits to decorate with.

10/26/2023- YOU CAN NOW PAT MIME JR.

10/11/2023- Added a PicLog! Now I can share .jpegs right on the site!

10/9/23- Still updating the site. Added some new finds to the goodie page.

10/8/23- Still updating the site and the GUESTBOOK is broken again! But we have a chat box now.

10/4/23- Updating the whole thing! Things might look wonkyfor a while.

7/7/23- Making various small changes to fonts and links.

6/26/23- Updated the dolls page so that it reflects my current collection. Decided to limit the floating hearts cursor effect. Working on some new e-shrines but none are viewable yet.

6/14/23- Added a new section for fake ads. We'll see about making it pretty later.

6/13/23- RIP Tamanotchi. How sad.

3/16/23- We have a TamaNOTchi now! Give them some clicks!

3/9/23- Small changes here and there but they're nothing too big.

12/22/22- Added a new guestbook- it's just a comment box but it'll do for now!

11/8/22- Oof I've been busy and burned out. Need to find a new guestbook service, fix the cat page, and work on my shrines.

10/15/22- Back to updating the site! Added this site log, updated the dolls page.